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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

'Lara Prince' or 'Lara Dora Price',what do i have???

Looks like while traveling all way from Australia to Europa,,pelargonium 'Lara Dora Price' lost 'Dora' & got 'N'and end up in Europe  as 'Lara Prince'
   After my last post 'Lara Prince',i was told by Steve Pollard,that my 'Lara Prince' do not look like it at all,if compare with Cliff's Blackman photo of it../Pelargoniums with prefix 'Lara' are Cliff's Blackman hybrids./
REAL 'Lara Prince'
  Steve Pollard(UK) and Christina Nordlander(Sweden), did bit work ,with help of Christina's sister-Annika Danielsson(Australia),who send photos of 'Lara Dora Price', from Australian pelargonium show,and now they are 99,9%  sure,that pelargonium what you know as 'Lara Prince' actually is 'Lara Dora Price','Lara Prince' is not yet available in Europe.  So anybody who have this beautiful pelagronium under name 'Lara Prince' in collection,and have no purple dots on upper petals,should rewrite label-'Lara Dora Price' And please,share this info,its good to know your pellies by proper name!
'Lara Dora Prince'
'Lara Dora Price'

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